Frequently asked questions

How do I make a payment?

You can make a secured payment through PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, Venmo, or Direct Deposit.

Does the program guarantee a high score?

All of our courses guarantee a high score as long as you follow your study schedule and complete every task as assigned. Remember, all of our sessions are intense and accelerated to ensure a high score. If you follow our guide and do not pass, you may be eligible to take advantage of our money back guarantee.

What's the difference between Group, Individual, and Subject tutoring sessions?

In a group session, there will be up to 5 students at a time. Courses and tutoring sessions will vary depending on which exam's group session you join. You can ask questions individually, after each session, or during your weekly individual progress meeting. You will pay a flat fee for each group session. Individual sessions are exclusively 1-on-1. Depending on the exam, our sessions will last between 1 and 2 hours daily. You can interact and ask questions as we proceed with the session, and will pay an hourly rate for each session. Subject sessions will also be exclusively 1-on-1. Depending on the subject, the session will last between 1 and 2 hours daily. You can interact and ask questions as the session proceeds and will pay hourly for each session.

What's the difference between your program and the competition?

Most programs will take any student for the sake of profit. We only take students who are fully committed and willing to go beyond their perceived limits of effort. We don't just want you to pass; we want you to excel on your exams. We do not advertise our program, and, instead, rely on word-of-mouth. So, if you are reading this, we were probably recommended to you by a friend.

Do you offer a course for the COMLEX?

Yes of course! I will cover all of the NON-DO materials myself, and my DO graduate associate will cover the DO materials.

Where are you located?

We operate out of Florida. However, all of our sessions will be online, so you can join us from any part of the world.

How flexible is your session schedule?

Group sessions are not flexible, but they are highly effective. If you have any time constraints due to school or work, you can choose my extremely flexible 1-on-1 tutoring sessions to be completed during your free time.

Do you teach for shelf exams?

Yes, I definitely do.

Do you offer a free session or trial?

Yes, of course. I want to make sure you know what you will be getting before you commit to an entire course.

Are any discounts available?

My price is reasonable and competitive, but if you have financial issues feel free to contact us. I was also a student once and can still remember how it feels.

Is there a study schedule?

Before we begin the course together, I will sit down with you one-on-one to come up with a proper study schedule that revolves around your daily tasks. This way, you can follow it at your own pace and still complete the material on time.

Do I have to buy any material?

Apart from the USMLE World, you don’t need any other material. I will be providing PDF files of all the course materials.

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